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Facility Management

Perfect Maintenance

Comid Group acts as your partner for the supply of essential facility management products. We offer a wide range of equipment and supplies to ensure the flawless maintenance of your facilities.

From products for routine and extraordinary building maintenance to security control systems, we provide everything you need to keep your facilities in perfect conditions.

Security and sustainability

Safety and sustainability are key in Facility Management, and Comid Group is at your side to ensure maximum protection and reduced environmental impact. We provide products for monitoring the safety conditions of plants and facilities. We also promote energy efficiency and offer sustainable solutions to reduce the environmental impact of your operations.

Optimised water management

The efficient use of water resources is essential in facility management. Comid Group provides products and solutions for water management, including irrigation systems and wastewater treatment. Optimised water management not only improves the efficiency of your facilities but also helps to preserve the environment.

Advanced control systems

Advanced control systems A crucial aspect of facility management is the advanced control of systems. Comid Group offers state-of-the-art products and technologies for centralised facility control and management. From automation systems to IoT solutions, we provide you with the best technologies to optimise operations and improve efficiency.

Comid Group is your exclusive supplier of high-quality facility management products. We are here to simplify and improve the management of your facilities, providing you with excellent products and constant support. Our mission is to provide you with the right tools to guarantee the success of your Facility Management operations. With Comid Group, you have a reliable partner that provides you with high quality products for all your needs.


Circulator and in-line pumps

for heating and air-conditioning systems.


Expansion tanks and autoclave system

for the pressurisation of thermal power plants.


Bellows valves

for thermal power plants.


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